Hiroi Sekai
The vast world of Japan


Stargazing: Yushoku Tomei - nano.RIPE

I've always loved everything about space; how colourful, mystical, vast and impressive its elements are floating out there, waiting to be discovered. I think the grand scale of the Moon or a sky with nothing else but thousands of stars in it always brings a sense of curiously likeable discomfort whenever I look at it.

'Yushoku Tomei' starts off with a jingle that resembles the sound portrayed for twinkling stars. With a slower pace and a resounding synth, nano.RIPE really captures the feeling of floating in space well. Whenever I hear this song, I feel like I'm whisked away to a magical conservatory filled with amazing lights, or tossed up into the vast emptiness of space to see the wonders of space all around me. It may sound a bit scary, but I think that's where the intrigue lies.