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Stargazing: Yes-No - Taketatsu Ayana

We're approaching the end of the year, and it felt like it all went by in a flash. I may as well enjoy what's left in 2017, until the early cold months of 2018 prohibit my speedy movement for a while.

Today's song always reminds me of my childhood days where I'd suit up on snowy days and tackle the snowy hill with my toboggan. It just happens to be snowing outside right now, so I wanted to pull it up to listen to it again.

The thing I like most about Taketatsu Ayana's Apple Symphony album is that it has this generally attachable feel that fits well with every season. 'Yes-No' always just gives off a winter mood to me with the springy harpsichord backings and strong chime accentuates, so I listen to it right around this time each year.