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Stargazing: Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara - Chris Hart

Oh man, this one is a definitely a refreshed classic for me. I remember when I first witnessed the magic and charm of Majo no Takkyubin (or as it's best known, Kiki's Delivery Garden), I fell in love. Every last little detail of the film had such an encapsulating wonder to it, I couldn't help but wear a great big grin on my face the entire time little Kiki faced the world on her own.

The movie doesn't try to accomplish a grand plan, but it instead places full focus on a little witch who finally comes of age to leave home and settle into a town of her own. Although the beginning of the film hints towards a theme of trying to fit into a culture where witches may not be welcome, it quickly changes to a more "coming-of-age" tone with a focus on doing good deeds and learning to believe in your own strengths.

At the end of this lovely 102 minute runtime, we're welcomed with a sublime ending theme, 'Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara', performed by Matsutoya Yumi. As fittingly lovely that performance was, today's rendition comes from another great talent, Chris Hart. This suave gentleman is not originally of Japanese descent, but after residing in the country for a good amount of time, his pronunciation is just as impressive as his actual voice. I like how this version of the song gives a more modern, vibrant flow to the melody compared to the original's more laid back, rustic charm. If it interests you, Sakamoto Maya, our featured artist from yesterday, has her own version of this song too. No matter who you go with, you can't go wrong.