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Stargazing: Yakusoku - Asami Imai

A rather innocent and clear day turned into a freezing cold pile of windy sleet by the end of the night. While shivering through the city streets, I was reminded of a particular song.

If you've never seen the 2011 series THE iDOLM@STER, I found it to be this surprising trove of little treasures, from its cute character designs to its unforgettable music and even shockingly, its really relatable drama. When I think back to the year Hiroi Sekai first kicked off, this was the show I wanted to write about first.

'Yakusoku' marks the pivotal point in the series where the dramatic moments hit really hard. The tone of the show changes and every bit of buildup for the characters to that point drove the best moment home when it hit. I know I teared up at the time, and so did many others. Asami Imai brings her incredible vocals to the role of Chihaya, a young girl who lives in her own sheltered bubble, yet is insanely focused on such an expressive art as singing. It's a beautiful song that has so much meaning, and it can be enjoyed in-show at its TV size length, or at its full 7+ minute glory.