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Stargazing: White Gift - Hanazawa Kana

Merry Christmas!

Words can never express just how much I love Christmas. I adore its goodwill intentions, the vibrant colours it showers upon the world, the unimaginable ways it can bring people together, the thoughtful and caring nature we take on as we gather together, and just the magical feeling of it all. It's a present I receive automatically each and every year, and it's always my favourite one. This Christmas, I hope to extend that cheer onto each and every one of you with a song from my all time favourite seiyu, Hanazawa Kana.

Nobody encapsulates the level of sweetness you get by taking the first bite into mom's homemade gingerbread cookies quite like Hanazawa Kana does. All of the joys of waking up to the white snow piled up outside your window, the flurry downstairs to see the Christmas tree lit up in the morning light, and the stereo softly backing the entire experience with your favourite holiday classics. With her character song 'White Gift' from the Nisekoi series, I just lose myself once more in the magic.

I won't hold up much of your time today. I want you to spend it with your loved ones, creating new memories and reliving old ones together. Extend a show of goodwill to anyone you come across if you can. It's as easy as wishing them a happy Christmas with a warm smile. Maybe this song will help you wear that smile. Today is a day to celebrate and enjoy from the heart. From the bottom of my heart, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!