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Stargazing: Wednesday - Galileo Galilei

Alrighty, running off Day 6 with minimal sleep, but at least I've been getting a lot of stuff done! Let's start off with the song of the day.

Seeing as how it's a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, I thought I'd throw in the counterbalance with Galileo Galilei's song about a mysterious woman that reminds the singer of Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. It has a fascinatingly macabre tone to the lyrics, speaking of how the singer only seems to run into this woman at funerals, and he begins to suspect she's the one sending these people to the grave. Still, he seeks after her. Just try and keep that focus in your head as you listen to this soothing melody though, because it's not easy. There's not much depression in the melody, and it almost plays out like a sense of discovery. It's an excellent use of musical double entendre.