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Stargazing: Watashi no Kanashimi wo Nusunda Dorobo - Sayonara Ponytail

Can you believe it? We're already at Day 20! Only four days until we really kick up the holiday bliss, so make sure you get in on the preparations properly!

Sayonara Ponytail is a strange little trio group who remains completely anonymous and are only depicted as lightly sketched characters. They made their big explosion by performing the second ending to the massively popular Kill la Kill. I'd suspect a good number of people only know that one song as their repertoire, but the group really does have some charmingly enjoyable songs.

'Watashi no Kanashimi wo Nusunda Dorobo' loosely translates to "the thief that stole my sorrow", which is an excellently strange name. It's such a merry tune with a really easy-to-follow beat that I can't help but snap with it every time I hear it. There's a great mix of light instrumentals like xylophones, bubbly synths and even good ol' fashioned clapping. It all works together well with the cute voices of the vocalists.