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Stargazing: walk on Believer♪ - Toyosaki Aki

Sunny, sunny day. With a day off work and the sunlight gleaming in brightly through my windows, I'm in a rather chipper mood. Time to brew a warm cup of hot chocolate and put on today's sweet song from Toyosaki Aki.

A veteran in the seiyu business, a member of popular musical group sphere, and performer of her own music as well, Toyosaki Aki is just full of fun surprises. No matter what kind of role she's playing or what new kind of musical sound she's dabbling in, I personally think she excels in gentle songs like "walk on Believer♪". But hey, don't let that fool you. Toyosaki has been in the music industry a long time, and has a gold mine of unique songs to check out. This one just happens to be one of her newest.