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Stargazing: Twinkle Starlight - Sayaka Sasaki

I spent an insanely freezing evening last night gazing upon a lit-up winter wonderland. Our city's festival of lights set up a bonanza of unique light decorations, snack stalls and joyous holiday music, and that just motivated me to decide on a worthy song to share with you today.

So after much deliberation, I'd love to share the ending song that I've been playing over and over after its release earlier this year, 'Twinkle Starlight'. Although the source content it originated from was quite short, planetarian ~Chisana Hoshi no Yume~ was another quick little look into KEY's modus operandi of drawing you into a tragic story of sorts. The interesting thing here was that there were only two characters, one of which that wasn't even human. Regardless of the protagonists' compositions, 'Twinkle Starlight' feels like a very emotion-filled piece for just about anybody.