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Stargazing: True End - fhána

It was through the magical series of Uchoten Kazoku that I first discovered fhána, the talented musicians who continue to develop incredible music for their own albums, as well as for popular anime themes.

Part of their New World Line album, 'True End' is a melancholic piece that sounds like something you would hear during a sorrowful recollection. With its slower instrumentals and somber vocal tone, it puts you into a state of deep thought as you listen to it. While the song itself does sound sad, I also get a sense of joyful realization listening to this, and a great fact comes into my head: "I have a lot to be thankful for".

If you haven't come across fhana's works as of yet, I would recommend checking out their aforementioned song 'Que Sera Sera' from the Uchoten Kazoku series. They also performed a fantastic ending for Sora no Method and are now the lead opening act for Comet Lucifer. Their own works away from anime are also stunningly wonderful. Check them out!