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Stargazing: Trap of Love - Sunao · Waka · Furi from STAR☆ANIS

Something I rarely ever do is let myself fall into a very long running series. As someone who indulges in constant creative evolution and altercation, a series has to offer something very special to keep me engaged for that long. Luckily, Aikatsu! has done just that for me quite recently.

At face value, Aikatsu! is a 178 episode idol series directed at a younger audience. Having watched over 100 episodes of it at this point, I can safely say that it offers a lot more. I enjoy its lovable charm, its deeply rooted morals and especially its eccentric soundtrack. 'Trap of Love' was introduced early in the series, and it still remains my favourite track of the entire OST. It has an infallible rhythm and I just can't stop listening to it. At this point though, I don't know if I'm directing that statement at this one song alone.