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Stargazing: Tomei na Onnanoko - Hanazawa Kana

Oh god, I'm so predictable. My obligatory annual Stargazing article about my favourite seiyu year-after-year is here.

Allow me to indulge just a bit here. Ever since Hiroi Sekai first drew breath in 2011, I had been entranced by Hanazawa's voice acting talents. I think one of my earliest experiences with her voice acting was from Ore no Imoto ga Konnani Kawai Wake ga Nai!, where she was introduced as the cynical cosplayer Kuroneko. As the show went on, she added Kuroneko's sweeter alter ego Goto Ruri to the mix. I loved every minute of her spectrum-jumping performance.

5 years later, and Hanazawa Kana is stronger than ever, taking on countless series per season while even managing time to appear on talk shows, record for her solo music career, and even make star appearances in a live action movie recently. Besides having a voice sweeter than the purest forms of sugar, Hanazawa is probably one of the most artistically relatable seiyu to me personally. She bolsters eye-catchingly beautiful outfits in vibrant travel locations, tries new things like appearing in live action movies, and even spices up her music with unique songs like 'Tomei na Onnanoko'. This is an enchanting piece where you can almost audibly perceive the experience of falling snow.