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Stargazing: Toku Toku - Tsuda Minami

I woke up this morning to this crazy downfall of that perfect snow. You know the type; the kind where there appears to be a ridiculous amount falling, but it's flaked so perfectly to the point where it doesn't really seem to pile up too high. Even if it does, it lays itself upon the floor in that soft blanket and not in mucky brown pools. I'm in love.

So I thought I'd share a sweet little song with you in celebration of one of our rare and beautiful snowfalls. A cover of a 1992 song by Noriyuki Makihara, 'Toku Toku' performed in the modern day by Minami Tsuda is an absolute joy to listen to. The dreamy keyboard and entrancing saxophone solo was maintained, but it's refreshing to hear it performed by such a talented female seiyu.