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Stargazing: Tenshi no Enogu - Ijima Mari

I hope everyone is enjoying the onslaught of content that I've finally been holding myself accountable to conjure up. Essentially, I've starting using a simple, but surprisingly effective app to layout and manage my time so I actually get something productive done whenever I can.

But more importantly, today we've got yet another song to share with you! After meeting the extremely talented Ijima Mari at Anime Expo this year, I was compelled to finally check out the very original Macross series; it was one that I had unbelievably passed on until now. That enthralling experience spiralled into rewatches of Macross Frontier and Macross Delta, as well as one of my favourites from the whole entire series, Macross: Do You Remember Love?.

'Tenshi no Enogu' is the ending song of that iconic film. While the all time series' popular vote went to 'Ai Oboete Imasuka?' as it still lives on even into the most recent Macross Delta series, today's song is the one I love most. It's an incredibly uplifting song that somehow encapsulates a classic, but modern feel. My favourite part is the outro, where the synth riffs and backing vocals hit this beautiful harmony and send me into this permanently entranced state. I almost never want that part to end.