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Stargazing: Telepathy - ORESAMA

Chilly evening, but it's still clear enough to see the stars out. I love this time of night where I feel directly like the world around me is asleep.

Today's song is from a musical duo that I'm insanely glad to have discovered this year. ORESAMA is relatively newer, bringing a very welcome synth pop sound to most of their lively songs. If you've seen Mahojin Guru Guru (2017)Alice to Zoroku or even Okami Shojo to Kurooji, you'll definitely know of them. It's a very unforgettable, catchy and instantly recognizable style they serve.

However, tonight I'm going with one of their very first tracks, 'Telepathy'. While still staying true to the synth love, it is given a more gentle and reverb-heavy tone with a much stronger focus on vocal harmonies. It may be a lot slower than ORESAMA's other well-known songs, but they do the tempo so well that I'm just drawn to it naturally. This is a song I love playing late night as the world around me sleeps.

Oh, and do you like that awesome album art? ORESAMA receives a ton of artistic love through designer utomaru. Her style is just encapsulating, be sure to check out her vast portfolio of works.