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Stargazing: Tabi no Tochu - Kiyoura Natsumi

We're looking at the widely known opening to Okami to Koshinryo (Spice and Wolf) for Day 21. It's the perfect way to prepare for that big Christmas day closing in quick!

'Tabi no Tochu' is a beautifully spiritual song, featuring an unforgettable choir-like symphony of sound. It's entirely fronted by the heavenly vocals of Kiyoura Natsumi, and it's just a marvellous blend. Somehow, it starts off wonderful and only continues to grow in excitement right up until the very end. I recall the first time I heard this track, it was just on a random favourites list and I never bothered to look into what series it came from. Luckily I eventually did, because Okami to Koshinryo is a fascinating series that is well-loved. Even if the economical talk doesn't have you coming back again and again for more, this breathtaking opening theme certainly will.

Oh, and Holo the energetic wolf of course. We all love us some Holo.