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Stargazing: Sweet Darwin - GOODWARP

We're continuing the heartwarming shows with relations to good food with a more recent series. One that's currently airing, in fact!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari features a talented web designer who one day discovers a tiny boy sleeping inside his parents' old udon shop. It turns out, this is no ordinary boy, but a little tanuki taking human form! With no sight of anyone who can care for it, a new life is about to start for our protagonist. I'll hold off on my impressions for the upcoming seasonal post, but I will immediately say this series has introduced me to some incredible music.

'Sweet Darwin' is the show's ending theme, and it's very charming how the relaxing song sort of merges the questionable evolutionary differences in the series with the idea that family doesn't just have to include humans. When the chorus kicks in, GOODWARP's excellent sound incorporates these backing saxophones that are my favourite portion of the track. If you like this song, definitely check out GOODWARP's few other releases. They may be pretty new, but this is a band that has been nothing but hit after hit with me.