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Stargazing: Sunday Siesta - Toyosaki Aki

This is it, my dear friends. The end of the year. The big shebang. We've done a lot in 2017, and just as my own style, I'm personally sending it off with a great big relaxing smile.

Back in 2009, an anime series came along that completely changed how I viewed anime once more. The first time was my transition from western dubbed anime to Kanon, a show that tore apart my thought that animation was limited to card games and battling monsters. In the same way, when K-On! debuted and I checked it out, I was introduced to the music and moe slice-of-life genres.

It was a massive hit, and I remember when it took the anime world by storm unlike anything we've seen even to this date. It actually influenced people to pick up playing instruments. It propelled companies like AKG to sell headphones that not that many people would have even heard about beforehand. To this day, new merchandise and love for the series is constantly being refreshed.

'Sunday Siesta' is one of the many character songs that was released for the show. Like everything else in K-On!, I adored it. To pay my respects for an era of anime that encapsulated me in pure joy, I share this song with you tonight. I sincerely hope you'll take it and all of its pure lovingness into the new year.

I want to sincerely thank everyone for following us along for another year of anime. Just so everyone is aware, an impressions video of all series I watched from 2017 is currently in the works and will hopefully be released very soon. We'll go back one last time to make sure we talk about what 2017 gave to us, before we turn back around and move forward. To one and all, have a Happy New Year!