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Stargazing: Suki - Nishino Kana

We're halfway through, and today's the perfect day to remind us all of the love involved in the holiday season. Leaning towards Nishino Kana's slower, more ethereal songs, 'Suki' blends her amazing vocals with some brilliant resounding instrumentals.

If you're not familiar with Nishino Kana's works, she started back in 2008 and quickly became the "favourite singer of teenage girls" in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. It's no doubt that many of her best known songs like 'Believe', 'GO FOR IT!' and 'Love is All We Need' are faster, more strong pop songs, but 'Suki' really slows things down.

I'm not quite sure just what sort of setup they have going for the piano in this song, but there's this echoing sound it receives that makes it unbelievably lovable to hear. It definitely helps that Nishino Kana herself has a powerful voice that works well in this style, but it's the slow buildup to the stunning chorus that really does it for me. Don't let anything else distract you when you put on this song, it will take you to another world.