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Stargazing: SOUND OF DESTINY (Live at Campus Fes) - Yonezawa Madoka

December 28. After tonight, we'll have a mere 3 days remaining in 2017. Are we all ready to face the upcoming new year?

Well for now, let's just keep our music train rolling right along. Revisiting the fantastic music of White Album 2, I'm digging up an updated version of a song that I think really added a lot of depth to its sound.

'SOUND OF DESTINY' was made famous by Mizuki Nana in the first White Album series, and it gave a ton of energy and charm to her in-show character. While I absolutely loved that version to death, I know in my heart that the Yonezawa Madoka version from White Album 2 was the bigger winner for me. I really love how she gives the vocals an extra layer of cute, giving them more depth than the prior version. However, it's the insertion of that incredible guitar solo at the end of the song that really blows my face off every time it's performed. The solo in itself even plays a big role in the development of the character interactions and personalities in the show, which I'm happily reminded of each time I listen to it. Overall, all versions are great, but this one's my all time favourite