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Stargazing: silky heart - Horie Yui

It's time, my friends. Time for me to share with you my long-time running favourite opening anime song to date. That award belongs to the one and only 'silky heart', Toradora's second opening.

I adore every single thing about this opening. Not only was Toradora! an insanely encapsulating experience for me, it consistently goes through a progression with its characters, making it feel like you're in its world growing older and wiser with alongside them. The show starts out pretty goofy and happy-go-lucky overall, then the drama hits hard and right at the perfect time, the originally wacky opening theme is replaced with 'silky heart'. It comes exactly at the right time and acted as the excellent nudge that pushed this over the edge of quality for me. I still think the whole thing is so beautifully woven into the presentation.