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Stargazing: Shooting Star - JUNNA

Yet another Boxing Day, and yet another year where I live in a country where we can supposedly let this day pass without beating one another to a pulp over a few hundred dollars off a TV we don't absolutely need.

As always, I'm sharing a song I use during the day to take my mind off the busy roads, the crowded stores and the loud ramblings of people questioning if they even like shopping on Boxing Day anymore. This year, that song has definitely been 'Shooting Star', a track from JUNNA's very first solo album release.

Every time I hear her sing, I forget that she just turned 17 years old as it sounds like she's been professionally been doing this for decades. She was a powerhouse in Macross Delta, and now her contribution to Mahotsukai no Yome has really grown on me as well. But today, we're looking at 'Shooting Star', a more laid back song that is almost entirely fuelled by light instrumentals and JUNNA's usual powerful vocal work. There's an authority to her singing that I always really like to hear, and I hope she'll be in the business for a long time.