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Stargazing: Sayonara Tsugeta – Rib

'tis the season, friends. Once again, we reach the coveted month of the year where we pull out the pine-shedding trees, the delicious holiday feasts, decorations and presents and the time to spread goodwill to our family, friends and the world in general. There are many good reasons that this is easily my favourite holiday of the year. One of them starts today with 31 Days of Stargazing! I hope you'll enjoy another December of wintery music with us, so say "sayonara" to the fall and put on your winter gear!

Day 1 kicks off with an artist I discovered this year, Rib. Currently releasing songs as an utaite (cover artist, usually on Nico Nico Douga), we have access to a few albums from Ribto date. From the charmingly named album 'Riboot' comes 'Sayonara Tsugeta', a track I have been obsessively listening to ever since I discovered it. Upon hearing the very first few seconds of the song, you'll likely notice that it is quite reminiscent of something you hear in Christmas mass; a gathering of hand and voice in a large church for the season.

Maybe hymnals aren't your cup of tea. It sure isn't for me. However, this is just a captivating track that is a great kickoff point for our quest to find music that makes you feel like it's winter. Finally, the song may be called 'Sayonara Tsugeta', but the one lyric in this song I recommend not taking to heart this season is "good bye, so sweet memories". Go on and make some great new memories for yourself, and maybe this year, take the initiative to make some for strangers who need it.