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Stargazing: Sangria - Shiggy Jr.

Up late past midnight on Day 7 and I’ve just been waiting all day to post this song. In fact, I got an alert on my iPhone earlier that Shiggy Jr. released this new album, ‘Dance to the Music’.

Shiggy Jr. rocks. The group bolsters a large range of musical talents, dabbling in harder rock, slower ballads and energetic pop with bits of hip hop and both male and female vocals sprinkled throughout. However, I can’t help but feel most entranced when they perform their smooth swing songs, like today’s ‘Sangria’ track. It has an infectious beat, incredibly slick instrumentals and a guitar solo tone that closes it all off. It just absorbed me from the second I heard it, and it is easily my favourite track on this album. The album just came out on Apple Music, so check it out when you can!