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Stargazing: Saigo no Haruyasumi - Chigusa Haruka

'Saigo no Haruyasumi' is easily my favourite song from the Tamayura series. This is a a bold statement, because there were a number of other amazing pieces from Nakajima Megumi and Sakamoto Maya. It's also a known fact that Tamayura is an adorable series. It was a warming, gentle atmosphere and is in constant focus of how great life with friends and family truly is. Such a beautiful concept needed a beautiful character album, of which today's song is my favourite track from it.

This songreminds me of days the entire ground is covered with fresh snow. Nothing has disturbed this white heaven, and you're the first one to take your marking steps into it. It brings me back to a more innocent time of throwing on oversized snow boots, ridiculously thick jackets and tiny mittens just to toss a snowball or two for 10 minutes. It's a funny thought, since 'Saigo no Haruyasumi' basically translates into "the last day of spring vacation". If you've seen Tamayura, you'll also know that it's a very "set-in-spring" series. However, the fact that this track works so well in our list proves it has a worldly aura to it. We all need a bit of this innocence in our everyday lives. Just close your eyes and be transported to another world with such a magnificent piece.