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Stargazing: Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara - Suzuki Minori

There's a sunny sky and a gentle breeze here today, sparking the perfect moment to feature our favourite idol of the wind, Freyja Wion.

Macross Delta was a series that was not well loved by the diehard Macross community. I suppose it was the heavier focus on a group of idols instead of the traditional love triangle approach the other entries took, but to me, it gave us a really great look into more of the history and continuation of the Macross universe itself. I really liked it.

One thing that most of us can't deny is that the soundtrack continues to strike hard with its pure enjoyability. Out of the wide variety of somber, emotional and energetic songs, my personal favourite was the ending song featuring our cute little apple-loving lead, Freyja. The song is just so full of innocence and love for what it resembles that I can't help but get into it every single time.

Walküre Attack!.jpg