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Stargazing: Romantic Aijo - Toyama Nao

Rain. You may or may not know this, but Stargazing's pilot article started over 4 years ago with a somber rainy song featuring Toyama Nao as Nakagawa Kanon. Allow me to revel in the moment of realization that I'm still here, listening to the same great music years later. I'd like to share one with you today.

I recall when the 'Colors' album first came out. It was during a time when Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai was flourishing in its charmingly deserved praise, and the popularity of Toyama Nao's character spawned several singles and albums past the show's soundtrack. After the success of Nakagawa Kanon's first album 'Birth', Echoes and I both conversed about the following album 'Colors'. I recall at the time, my favourite track was 'Hitomi Kara Snow', a song I would end up featuring on one of the 31 Days of Stargazing years. I vividly remember Echoes stating that today's song was more to his liking.

Flash forward to this moment. "Romantic Aijo really expresses the genuine dedication in Toyama Nao's voice", I hear in my head. It only sort of clicked with me at the time, but it really, really clicks with me now. There's no mistake that today's track is now my favourite to listen to on the 'Colors' album, and I got the bonus of once again asserting the fact that Echoes has a great perception of these good things.

Enough reminiscing. While Nakagawa Kanon was portrayed as a more bubbly pop idol in the series, 'Romantic Aijo' is a track that sounds like it's from a really awesome film noire soundtrack or something similar. Walking the cold streets shrouded in greyscale; that's the sort of edgy excitement I hear. Considering the days keep growing darker and darker, it's a song I find myself especially enjoying in this season. I hope you'll feel the same.