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Stargazing: Relax in the City - Perfume

The streets get more and more crowded with Christmas shoppers as the days go by. Especially in my city, there's a lot of honking and trying desperately to force cars into lanes instead of following basic rules of the road. It's enough to make one crazy, but the second I put my EarPods on and turn on this song, those nerves completely relax.

'Relax in the City' was released on a more recent Perfume single that was also bundled with a more dance-heavy track, 'Pick Me Up'. While 'Pick Me Up' was a more beat-heavy dance track that fits our wintery format a lot less, 'Relax in the City' has a really light synth groove feel that sounds just right for December. Perfume themselves have a somewhat mixed style between these two points, and that makes it difficult for me to know if I really like them or not. It's an inconsistent love, shall I say, because when they do hit home, they do it really well.

So go on, get your Christmas shopping done now while you have the elbow room. Don't fear the noise of the city streets- grab your favourite pair of headphones and let this song melt away the stresses of your busy environment. Just take a moment...and relax.