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Stargazing: Rainbow - Leola

It's a pretty strange occurrence in my area when the weather gets freezing enough to actually start frosting windows and heavily icing sidewalks. That said, it is currently a chilly -5 degrees Celsius, and I'm actually holding out on another one of our famous rainfalls to come down in soft snow puffs once again. While it's freezing outside, let's sink our teeth into today's catchy track.

I found Leola's excellent vocal talents from Fune wo Amu, a series that is currently airing week by week. I went looking for some of her prior works, and 'Rainbow' was what I found. This is a track that emits that special feeling of belonging in every season of the year, utilizing the classy sound of acoustic guitar over some of its more eccentric brethren. I'm glad this is a song I will happily enjoy well past this winter season.