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Stargazing: Prime number ~Kimi to Deaeru hi~ - Okura Asuka

We're back with the song for Day 12!

Now, if there's anything I love most about anime, it's when it directly reminds me of how it drew me into the creative world. I spent the first few years of college influenced merely by a faint glimmering light I had in high school whilst surrounded by a murky swamp. I appreciated business studies, but I quickly discovered that I could never see myself enjoying a life of it. That's when I tossed it all aside and took the biggest risk of my life. I enrolled into an art college.

Sakuraso no Pet na Kanojo follows the chronicles of the misfit crew, the rejects of Suiko High School. It was an often frantically paced show with its comedy, but really knew how to dig down deep when providing its character growth arcs and its genuine moments of connectivity. It also explored the many forms of art and took away the monochromatic outlook I had of the term.

Much like Toradora! (which had the same writer, Okuda Mari), Sakuraso no Pet na Kanojo had a pretty energetic first ending song, but when it started to drastically change in its emotional tone, 'Prime number ~Kimi to Deaeru hi~' replaced it just at the right time, much like 'Silky Heart' did for Toradora. It gives the series so much more progressive energy and I love this ending song so much for it. Not to mention, it has beautifully structured lyrics wrought with meaning. It's one of my favourites.

Prime number~君と出会える日~.png