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Stargazing: POWDER SNOW (Live Version) - Hirano Aya, Mizuki Nana

My chilly memories of the entire White Album series comes rushing back whenever I hear today's song. The series as a whole showcased a number of bitter moments brought forth by regrets and poor choices. It's a more realistic look at a romance series that doesn't necessarily follow the standard "happy ending" layout.

What really, really, really stood out about White Album and White Album 2 were their soundtracks. It's generally a success lying in wait when they bring together two strong seiyuu as contrasting leads. Much like how Nakajima Megumi and May'n were the gentle/aggressive contrast, Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana graced the first season with the same majesty.

This is where we saw the very first rendition of the song actually titled 'WHITE ALBUM'. Things only continued to get better and better as 'SOUND OF DESTINY' was featured, but my absolute favourite song in the first season is today's song, 'POWDER SNOW'. While the first two songs gave the idols their own time to shine, this stunning duet piece really opened up their range to show off just how well they harmonized off of each other.

I just love how the song starts with this 2 minute long piano ballad that slowly transitions and grows into the meat of the vocalized portion. I don't even have to try and sell how wonderful this song is while fresh snow slowly falls against the black night. As for the burning question of "which do you prefer, White Album or White Album 2?", that's something you'll hear from me someday.

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