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Stargazing: Orange Mint - Hayami Saori

Once again, a very welcome "good morning" to my best friend right now, the Sun. With temperatures dropping fast and days feeling shorter and shorter, catching glimpses of orange light is certainly a holiday blessing.

Speaking of the colour orange, we're jumping yet again into the talented pool of meg rock's compositions to the -monogatari series. While I may have personally fallen out with the series, it continues to be a very popular offering to the anime community.

'Orange Mint' is the opening to Tsukimonogatari, another branch far up the -monogatari tree. With the musical titan Hayami Saori fronting the vocals, it's an absolute delight as expected. The song has a hypnotizing, echoing tone that does an excellent job of replicating the monotone and enigmatic character it features. The opening visuals are pretty fun too, if you're interested.