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Stargazing: Octopus Daughter - Serani Poji

8 Legs. While this could be a descriptor for the terrifying creature known as the spider, it could also be used to describe the much less scary octopi of the world. Today's song makes things much, much, much less creepy by telling the story of an octopus daughter and her family.

I discovered Serani Poji this year, and along with them I was made privy to a genre known as "shibuya-kei". Obviously originating from the district of Shibuya, it is best described as a mix of jazz, synth and synthpop, which is a great way to describe this song. As you follow the lyrics, you'll likely feel a soft blanket of family love envelop you- it's a great feeling during this season.

Overall, I found Serani Poji to have too many gimmicky songs that aren't really like this one. As unfortunate as that is, they do have a few other songs that are insanely catchy, so I would still recommend checking them out.