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Stargazing: Nobody Knows - Hanazawa Kana

We're a mere 2 days away from the big day itself, is everyone getting into the seasonal mood? I sure am.

As I do every single year, I dig into my vast library of music from my favourite seiyu, Hanazawa Kana. Although her voice is very distinctive and she appears quite often in seasonal anime, hearing her lovely vocal talent never fails to uplift my spirits.

Today's song comes from one of Hanazawa's solo albums, Blue Avenue. There's actually numerous tracks on that release that I could place here for the season, but 'Nobody Knows' has a really personal connection with my past and even up to my current musical pursuit. In high school, one of my favourite things to attend was extracurricular jazz band activities, playing clarinet and eventually landing on trumpet. Every year around Christmas, we'd band together into smaller groups and play Christmas music in trios for anyone who would listen. This song recaptures all of that invested emotion, but also features a beautiful guitar melody that portrays one of my favourite tones an electric guitar can make. Top that all off with Hanazawa's beautiful vocals and I'm one happy festive listener.

Thank you for your continued inspiration, Hanazawa Kana.