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Stargazing: Night & Day - YUKI

It's kind of been a stream of mostly slower songs this year, so let's kick it back a bit with a firehouse performer, YUKI. Many of you might know her from the fantastic opening to the jazz anime Sakamichi no Apollon, but it's an understatement to note that her overall discography is quite astounding as well.

What I like about YUKI's music is that while it all has the same tenacity from its star performer, there's a healthy range of variety as well. Her 'Hello!' single has a more sweet, simplistic tone while singles like COSMIC BOX and WONDER LINE feature a much more ferocious recording. With her recent tonight single, we're treated to an incredibly funky song, 'Night & Day'.

It's clear this single was released specifically for the winter season, showcasing YUKI on the cover with a snowfall layered on top. It's damn near impossible to listen to this song without tapping along in some form or fashion. A collection of light guitar, piano and strong brass really pull this one together, giving it a fulfilling sound. As YUKI appears to be a still strong ongoing artist, I would recommend checking out her other works if this song interests you in any way. It's an exciting new musical world to jump into, in my experience. As for how much more vibrant this song is compared to some of the others on this year's list- the difference is night and day.