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Stargazing: Nanairo Holiday - SKY-HI

From a wave of ominous and macabre to a day of classy and fun, we're coming at you early on December 9 with a song from SKY-HI.

Mitsuhiro Hidaka used to be the rapper in a J-Pop band known as AAA, but continues to push his musical reach through a rap trio band called Mother Ninjas. Above it all though, we're looking at a song he has premiered as his solo stage presence, SKY-HI.

'Nanairo Holiday' is a single I just stumbled across. It had a visually simplistic and minimalistic single cover that drew me in, and I ultimately ended up staying for the song itself. To be completely honest, I felt Mitsuhiro's vocal style was a bit strange in contrast to what I'd been listening to before, but once I embraced it as part of the entire song experience, I opened my senses to the funky beat and the melding of musical styles into this one great song. I'm really glad I discovered it.