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Stargazing: Minamo - Yukana

A light drizzle overtakes our city as I write today's article. Welcome, Day 17.

'Minamo' is an extra song on the single for Nanasaki Ai's ending song during the anime run of Amagami SS. The entirety of the song echoes deeply, resonating everything from the light guitar to the accompanying brass instruments. It's a track that really puts you in a state, and all you can do is enjoy remaining in said state. It resonates even more when you think about what the title 'Minamo' translates to, which is roughly described as the "water's surface".

Yukana's voice is an additionally lovely treat, providing a great lead and even better harmonization. It all drifts away at the end with minimal instrumentation and the sounds of peace, like something you'll hear just meditating in a zen garden.