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Stargazing: Mayonaka no Sky High - Risuko from STAR☆ANIS

It's no doubt that Kanzaki Mizuki was one of the central influences to Aikatsu!, utilizing her massive knowledge and experience in the idol world for the betterment of idols everywhere, instead of just herself. While I felt like Aikatsu! had a bit of a problem separating every idol's performances to make them feel like they're progressing into improvement, Mizuki always had an air to her where you knew she had something more.

Released quite early on in the series, 'Mayonaka no Sky High' is a high-paced song filled with energetic percussion, speedy synth beats and the powerful vocals of Mizuki herself. My favourite part of the song is its climactic saxophone solo, ramping up all of the track's energy into one incredible burst. I find this one great to listen to on a chilly night glazed over in snow or ice.