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Stargazing: love your life - Toyosaki Aki

Our 2014 year has finally come to an end, dear friends. Through the thick and thin, we push through into a fresh new year, and I hope tonight's song will help you welcome it with open arms and a smile on your face.

Toyosaki Aki is the proud owner of her own solo music career, and 'love your life' is one of her very sweet single releases. Eventually, a more fully featured album titled 'love your life, love my life' was released, with even more great songs to enjoy. However, today's track is still my favourite, with that innocent skippy beat that I've grown to love. There's even a colourful stop-motion/paper cutout music video that was produced for the track. I hope this charming song will take you right into 2015 with a positive outlook. Enjoy the new year!