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Stargazing: LONELY ROLLING STAR - Kabata Saki

We all live busy lives, and managing stress is such an important element we need to add in on a daily basis to stop us from going insane. Today we're looking at a song from a game that is nothing but a big ball of stress relief.

Katamari is a series of games where all you literally do is create new planets, stars and galaxies (and even the universe!) by rolling a continuously growing ball into objects. You start off with a tiny katamari and roll it into animals, treats, toys and other paraphernalia. In later stages of the game, your katamari will grow to the size where you can even roll up people, mountains, landmarks and continents. It's an insanely satisfying experience that is only further complemented by each game's astounding soundtrack.

From the PS2 version Katamari Damacy, we get 'LONELY ROLLING STAR', probably my favourite song from any of the games. The lyrics seem to reflect the game's setting, describing a lonely soul endlessly rolling a katamari to the point where it will be large enough to reach where the other soul awaits. Despite its slightly negative sounding name, the melody is amazingly bright and vibrant. Kabata Saki provides incredibly sweet vocals, and the instrumentals even managed to include the famous Katamari theme's main riff in the background. I can't get enough of this catchy song.

塊魂サウンドトラック 「塊フォルテッシモ魂」.jpg