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Stargazing: Lonely Feather - Chisuga Haruka

A cold front continues to strike the heart of my city, leaving the skies and roads dusted with a thick fog. It’s almost creepy how much like a horror movie setting it is. 

However, instead of letting the strange weather get to me, I like to find a fitting song in my library and turn it to set the ambiance. Today’s mood setting song is from Gakusen Toshi Asterisk , and it’s appropriately titled ‘Lonely Feather’.

While the main song for this Chisuga Haruka single was full of pulse-pounding energy, ‘Lonely Feather’ was part of an incredibly short but sweet scene involving a songstress using her musical prowess as a beacon. This beautiful song comprised of echoing vocals and thoughtfully constructed English-only lyrics turned this simple scene of revelation into a truly unforgettable moment. For a series I initially thought would be nothing more than a typical harem battle series, it sure kept on giving and giving, and this song is one of the beautiful cherries on top. It's a very short song, but it provides more than enough to satisfy.