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Stargazing: Koisuru Lens - Hayato Kaori

Oh dear, here we go again. Photokano is definitely not in my personal favourites list, but it really did have a great opening that keeps growing on me day by day. Let's listen in for Day 19!

So as mentioned, Photokano felt like it was missing some good character development, and I didn't really appreciate the creepy undertones it threw at me. Yeah, it was definitely not a comforting series that warmed my heart. That said, what really kept me going week after week with the discomfort was 'Koisuru Lens', the gentle opening by Hayato Kaori.

I recall first hearing this song and just thinking it was alright. It had a really catchy opening piano beat, but with such an opening, I thought the chorus would strike a lot harder than it does. Over time, I adapted to the song's pace and grew to love it quite a bit. If there's anything memorable to take away from Photokano, it's this.