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Stargazing: Kirameki - wacci

It came, it melted, it returned. With another layer of fresh snow on the ground, I wanted to share a song that comes from a different season's show, but still manages to capture the magic of this time of year.

That series my friends, is none other than Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. This beautiful anime about love, perseverance, friendship, music, abuse and redemption encapsulated so many when it came out, and from looking at the reception online, it's still being discovered and well-loved to this day. When it came out in 2014, I recall awarding both its first opening and ending as my top picks for that year, and today I want to re-celebrate just how good the ending song is.

'Kirameki' is actually a recreation of one of wacci's earliest songs, 'Kimi no Mono Datta'. The melody is the same, but the pacing feels slightly slower and the lyrics are altered as well. To me, this tiny shift breathed new life into what was already a fantastic song, perfecting it for this anime.