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Stargazing: Kiniro~Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Yokatta - Nakajima Megumi

Well, I've been anticipating this day, but definitely not to this extent. It started snowing. However, when I opened the blinds this morning, I was hit with what seems to be an endless sprinkling of white sugar on the proverbial cake that is our city. I love snow, but not to the extent where it freaks out the traffic and public transit, no sir.

But with a glaze of white comes more opportunities for me to dig deeper into the music collection and share those songs that are truly made for this time of year. Today's song is a lengthier, constantly evolving Nakajima Megumi favourite of mine.

Nakajima's attire on the front cover immediately puts you into the right mood, but we'll let the song do the majority of the immersive legwork. It starts off like the feeling of discovery you feel when it snows for the first time in the year, then expands in musical flavour as it ramps up in percussions and harmonies. It tops it all off with an almost complete fade out, followed by a crescendo back into a beautiful ending powered almost entirely by Nakajima's voice. The whole song's progression takes me from my morning when I discover it's snowing, out to the times I stomp around in the cold for fun and come back home to enjoy the snowfall from the warmth of my own home. It's an incredible composition.

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