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Stargazing: Kimi ni Utaeba - Kuronuma Hideyuki

I'm rocking on a teeter-totter of winter emotion, slingshotting between vibrant cheer to desaturated melancholy. After an amazing dinner outing with such a great group of workmates, I am in a very jolly mood. As such, we'll have a look at Kuronuma Hideyuki's very cheerful melody, 'Kimi ni Utaeba'.

Kuronuma is no newcomer to our annual winter calendar events. I was introduced to him a while back with an insanely catchy song, 'Yuki ga Furu', and I wanted to jump forth to search for more of his music. Luckily, I didn't have to search far, as the same album holding that fantastic track sheltered a number of other quality pieces. 'Kimi ni Utaeba' is one of those, featuring a more a childlike wonderment tone that can quickly put a spring in your step.

As a solo artist, I feel like Kuronuma really didn't get as much appreciation as he deserves. By no means was he an unpopular artist, but he's not exactly being screamed for by a large populous either. In fact, I can rarely find anyone talking about his work on the internet. It's definitely a shame, but it's also something we can hopefully slowly change. Start off with this track, and check out the YELLOW OCHER album if you're hooked like I am. It certainly deserves much more coverage.