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Stargazing: Kimi e Okuru Maho - ChoCho

We're getting so close to Christmas, and I promise a huge annual post is on its way! This year, we got ourselves a little special holiday treat known as Santa Company, a Kickstarter funded anime movie. Luckily, I managed to watch this little 30 minute feature just in time for Christmas, and it was pretty charming. Not only did it bring in great voice talents like Tomatsu Haruka and Kugimiya Rie, it brought in the singing talent of Chocho and added another wonderful winter song to our list.

Santa Company,to my delight, scored very well with Kickstarter visitors, and the project was fully funded and released in time for Christmas. It was a charming little short film that balanced the mild, controlled drama and the bits of wonder that was perfect for families to enjoy together. The animation was also very vivid and colourful, capturing the atmosphere of Christmas well. Check it out if you haven't yet, and let's keep supporting great projects like this on Kickstarter!