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Stargazing: Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho (2006 Memorial Mix) - Ayana

Christmas Eve already, can you believe it? I certainly can't. I remember sitting here last year, doing the same posting for Stargazing and wondering why it never snowed in this damp city.

No matter how lacking the snow scene is though, nothing puts me right back in the winter mood like Kanon does. The series is permanently blanketed in snow, utilizing the cold weather as a symbol for a winter that would bring along freezing heartbreak. It's such a beautiful series that I remember every little detail of it, even to this day. Featuring the tiny and adorable Tsukimiya Ayu (voiced by Horie Yui) running endlessly in front of a transitioning sky, this ending theme is so simple, yet unforgettable. We're featuring the 2006 Memorial Mix, which replaces a rap interlude with a rockin' guitar solo. Running vocal-less just seems to fit the mood better, in my opinion.