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Stargazing: Katakuri no Hana - advantage Lucy

Okay, I'm starting to get quite cold now. I'm sitting shivering just trying to type this without missing every second keystroke, but I'm really thinking about a warmer time when flowers bloom wildly.

'Katakuri no Hana' is an amazingly simple tune with a captivating aura. It is mostly devoid of aggressive percussive persuasion, adhering more reliantly to its beautiful classic guitar and even more beautiful voice from vocalist Aiko. With even a recorder solo added to the mix, it's a strangely encapsulating experience just listening to it from start to end. I'm sort of reminded of a younger age of my musical influence when "music" was more attuned to xylophones, ukuleles and recorders instead of electric guitar, scratch disks and the crashing of loud drums. It's a nice contrast to remember for sure.

This is actually a prime example of advantage Lucy's strength as a band. While they certainly have a good repertoire of more energetic and upbeat songs, they maintain a very innocent outlook to music that is so refreshing in this day and age. Before they were known as advantage Lucy, they actually had an initial release as Lucy Van Pelt, named after the famous Peanuts character. Enjoy today's song, and hopefully check out a couple other songs by them through our previous years of 31 Days of Stargazing.