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Stargazing: Kasuka na Melody - Sakamoto Maya

Every single year, I find new music from the insanely talented Sakamoto Maya that captivates and entrances me. While this year, I found several songs that invoked that amazing feeling, I think today's song best fits the winter season.

'Kasuka na Melody' starts off with some absolutely gorgeous instrumentals, gently laying down a blanket of sound before our star takes the stage. I just want to note that Sakamoto Maya worked together with composer Rasmus Faber to create an unforgettable ending song for Gakusen Toshi Asterisk as well as the catchy opening for Kofuku Graffiti, and it's wonderful to hear Sakamoto Maya still exploring different avenues of sound. This song segues into her 'FOLLOW ME UP' album, where both today's track and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk's 'Waiting for the rain' lies. The echoing vocals in this album are just too incredible. I hope you'll check it out  before the year's end.