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Stargazing: Kanashi Shirabe - Swinging Popsicle

Did everyone enjoy their Christmas? Great! If you’ve got plenty of Christmas snacks, turkey and gifts left over to last you until 2016 at least, you’re pretty golden. I must admit that I’m in a little bit of a melancholic state thinking back to it today; my favourite holiday of the year and it just passed by way too quickly.

So today, I’m sharing a somewhat sad sounding song by Swinging Popsicle called 'Kanashi Shirabe', which loosely translates to “sad melody”. While a lot of Swinging Popsicle’s music featured some hearty backing vocals that gave the entirety of the band more depth, this one gives the entire stage to the lovely lead singer, Fujishima Mineko. It places the support in the hands of the soft guitar instrumentals, which complement the entire experience beautifully.

I have to say that the thought of 2015 ending is a little bit sad to me as well. I’ve got a lot of places I moved on from, and while the prospect of changing and moving up is exciting, it’s also a little bit scary to think just how quickly this is all happening. Even through all of that, this song gives me what I feel is a realistic and correct look at how I should approach my upcoming days. Either way, it’s a beautiful piece.